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Please understand that this is my own opinion and should not be taken as any sort of "final word" on the AGM M4 GBBR. I'm sure there are guys that see this as a cost affordable entryway into GBBR's. I do not feel that I'm "spoiled" by good guns and my expectations were not mis-aligned for this one. I feel that I am calling it like it is.

I posted this to another thread. Note: after sleeping on it for a night...I've decided against spending another minute/dollar on this rifle.

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I do get the point of upgrading a low end gun and trying to turn it into something decent....I really do. But there are limits.

....these AGM M4 GBBR's are a piece of shit. Sloppy and loose do not even begin describe the overall fit and details of these things.

Even upgraded with extremely nice internals...they're still a lousy build. If you put $200-500 into one of these expecting to turn it into a tight've wasted your money. Maybe...just maybe...if you could strip off the front end, back end, and 90% of the might be worth a couple of bucks to get the receiver and start a new build from scratch (but even then there's a fair bit of play with the receiver). It's worth $100-150-200...nothing more.

They are certainly a bit less complicated than the WE...but the workings are almost toy-ish. The racking, chambering and "feel" of it is toy-ish. Recoil is ok...but probably because they have a horribly noisy very weak spring in the stock tube. What a twanging racket that thing makes.

Total number of rounds through it before it broke...70. The rear end of the nozzle assembly/body shattered.

The mag's already been stripped, seals soaked and reassembled because it sprung a leak. The fill valve is an utter joke. A mag that weighs .8 of a KG!!! with 9 pins and 9+ parts!?! WTF?!?

The WE AWSS is to the AGM M4 as a TM GBB is to a springer.

DO NOT waste your time nor your money on this model. In the quest to test out new things sometimes you win and sometimes you loose (time and money)....I rolled a snake eyes on this one. I'm going to keep at it to see if there's something that can be done with it...but it's the ugly chick at the gym of the gun rack.
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