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The S34P (the Crosman Tri Shot gun) is a TM M3 clone. It's the only Crosman that I suggest buying at all. Any other crosman gun is crap, pure and simple. I honestly say if you're not willing to spend at least $500 off the bat (for the most basic basic stuff) and another $400-500 in the next 3-4 months to get a basic loadout then this isn't the hobby for you (but that shouldn't be a problem since you come from a paintball background right?). Basic loadout is probably good quality hiking boots (you can get millitary boots if you want however I play with my hiking boots), gun, face mask, 2 midcaps and BDU's. After that you can get vests, holsters, more mags etc.

If you come from a stock class/pump action background then it might be easy to just jump in and play with a shotgun however at the same time it's like being a sniper since you're limited in rate of fire and such.

Plates are heavy and expensive (something like $300 for expired ones and 500+ for new). I'd just get foam inserts if I were you. Heck I don't even run with plates of any sort on my vest (I'm not sure if my vest is actually supposed to support plates or not).

I'm not sure of the area you live in since I'm basically on the other side of the country but you're close to Ottawa/Montreal aren't you? (Don't really know my Eastern Canadian geography too well but that should be your general area is it not?) There should be some fields/games happening if you're willing to make the trip but otherwise I really don't know. I really only know that place only because of the CFB but since there is a CFB I'm sure there's some RegF people that play who will split gas money to go to Ottawa or wherever games are.

Also read the FAQ's and get AV'ed. At least you didn't ask a stupid newbie question that we get like every single day but read the FAQ's just to gather the information since there's a lot of information in there (it's like an information overload and it's a lot to read most questions should also be answered there too).
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