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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Yea.. ALOT of people were having trouble with the MT BB's... It's a shame that their customer service and everything is so great while their product is so poor.

Although I don't 100% blame the jamming problems people were having on MT BB's.. the environment was SUPER dusty and I know that was causing a couple problems for a few people (I cleaned their barrel and they didn't have anymore problems with the MT BB's)

But... Yea, I sadly wont be selling MT BB's anymore I need a product that works 100% of the time... ALL the time!
No worries at all man. The MT's run great threw my MP5 and tornado its only a friends P90 and my VSR-10 both with 6.01-6.02. The only time I have issues with them is when I have any thing with a tightbore on it. Other then that they work well enough for stock guns by all means. I use them when we rent out guns and give out ammo.
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