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Originally Posted by turok_t View Post
Yes, of course i know that. But I find it hard to believe that Larue Tactical cantilever and "L" mounts from both brands Bomber and Element are all the same height and all too high to mount an aimpoint on an M4 (i own both brands and i tried them all). So are you saying that all of these mounts, from both brands, are too high and cant be used for an aimpoint? why would both brands make the mounts so high?
Yes, all of those mounts are too high. They are not designed to be co-witnessed with the kind of iron sights you have.

The cantilever design pushes your Aimpoint out over the D-ring. Leaving more room behind to mount your NV stuff or even the 3X Magnifier. The base has a built-in watertight storage compartment for an extra battery. That's why it's so high.

If you want to co-witness properly, then get an regular L-Mount.
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