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No it's not legal for you to get this gun. Airsoft guns will most likely be seized at the border. After being seized, I heard that the CBSA will check all your future packages to make sure that you are not importing anymore "airsoft items", basically, u'll be on their radar. You'll need to be Age Verified (assuming you are 18 and above), then you can check out the classified sections. =]

Originally Posted by CDawg View Post
Okay so I read the sticky's in the FAQ section however I'm still a bit unclear...basically I've been looking at this gun:

and so I'm wondering a few things:

1) Will it be legal for me to buy it online and have it delivered here or will it be confiscated or something

2) If I can't get it is there any way for me to able to, such as like a licensed dealer importing it or something?

Thanks for any help I appreciate it

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