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Aimpoint ml2

Hey guys, i got an aimpoint ml2 from huang and the elevation can be adjusted, but it cant be lowered all the way to the front post when looking through the aimpoint. I turned the elevation screw as much as possible to lower the elevation of the reticle, but the screw just falls out when it reaches its limit. Ive attached a pic at the bottom to explain my dilemma. Currently, Im using a larue tactical cantilever mount and i know i can use a lower "L" mount to match the reticle with the front post but i really prefer to use this LT mount instead since Im going for the sopmod look.

Do all aimpoint clones have this problem or is it only mine? Which ones can be fully adjusted so that I can match the height of the reticle with the tip of the front post? Im thinking about ordering a Guarder Aimpoint from UNCompany since Ive heard good things about them. Can the elevation of this aimpoint be fully adjustable so i can match the reticle with the front post? Thanks guys

Heres the pic below. The reticle is actually slightly lower than what the picture shows (my camera was aimed straight), but its still not close in touching the front post:

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