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Anyone ever order from RoyalTiger Gear?

I'm just wondering if anyone has ordered off there ( and what their experience was. There's a few reviews from Airsoftforum and I think I saw one on Arnies when I was looking earlier (but can't find the link). However from just a few reviews it seems inconclusive (I'd trust if there were like 5 or 6 reviews however just a handful spread out everywhere doesn't make me want to put too much faith in it).

If no one has anything to say I guess I can always do a "test order" (like a $5 or $10 item). From what I've read it's like Ehobby (in how they operate) except for gear.

If no one has anything to say then a test order will go through and I'll do a review of them myself. But TBH my initial impression is that the website looks kind of "cheap".

They're based out of Hong Kong from what I can tell.
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