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Originally Posted by airsoft newbie View Post
well there are tons of 10, 11, 12 year old little kids who play airsoft in forests and stuff so what's it going to matter? also, there is no way he is under 14 so i think he can handle it. also he could just go to walmat, and pick out a $100 clear M4 auto piece of crap that won't last, or he can get this something that will not blow his money. as for buying the gun, he would need his parent's permission to pay for it by using a credit card or something.

so because they're going to do it anyway, we should encourage and help them? WTF?

we don't encourage -18 airsoft on this site, if you want to discuss such matter, go somewhere else, doesn't matter if hes +14, airsoft is 18+

noobtank fails yet again

and he's in ON, where the sale of airguns and airsoft guns is restricted to 18+ so you are advising him on which gun to illegally buy, Great!
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