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I suggest getting an Aftermath AK47 from:

They have excellent customer service, and offer a package worth $290 for $245 that includes three 600 round metal AK47 mags, and 2 bags of quality bbs. I looked into the price of this combo, and it would actually be worth over $300 on some other sites. Most of the gun is metal, and the parts that aren't have a strong ABS plastic. I got this gun with the combo and I would recommend you doing the same. If you don't want to spend $245 then you could get just the gun for $185. If you are interested, there is more info on the site.
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Stealth in airsoft is like getting a "hummer", as long as your teammates keep their head down and keep moving they are safe...but as soon as they lift their head past the "bush" they get a blast of white stuff right to the face.
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