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Originally Posted by iggim109 View Post
kid if u want 2 be Sniper then go 4 L96. I mean if thats what U want 2 be...
however if U do it's almost 1 shot 1 kill. so U might want to start practicing Ur aiming skills, while hiding from UR enemy. if U R up 4 it then go 4 it. you'll also going 2 need AEG for backup man. so in another word get both if U can because G 36c is really good 4 CQB when U R spotted.
P.S if U want 2 buy cheap CQB then get well r4 or MP 7

I would get the G36 if it is available to you, I have the L96 and when the game gets hot bolt action is just too slow...
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