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Hello. I got age verified three days ago and is currently waiting for my info to be updated on this forum. Since I can't view the AV Retailer section just yet, I was wondering about the availability of GBBRs in Canada.

Should there be a good number available for purchase, which brand is currently best for GBBR? I looked at WE, WA, G&P(probably can't afford these though...), but still don't know which ones are better.

Also, on a slightly related note, I am planning to get a new GBB. I have been thinking about WA 1911s for a long time. They are very high quality, but the fact that they shouldn't be used with green gas troubles me. I like the full metal construction of WE GBBs, and I was thinking about the GBB MEU. Any thoughts on those?

Thanks a box-full.
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