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Thats the same one thats on ebairsoft. Luckily, buyairsoft is canadian. I totally forgot to look at their website for this item. I'll probably buy it from them. Too bad theres no place (that I can find) that has sniper mounts that are like the ones in the pictures of guns on page 2.

I could also get the one from airsoft parts. Even though its far up, the scope I'm looking at is like 11 inches long, which means that it will easily be long enough for me to use. Hmm. (I'm a little confused on how the one from airsoft parts attaches.)

This one should work out, as the scope I'm looking at is like 11 inches long.

EDIT: A 4x15 scope would be good enough, right?

Probably gonna go with the one from buyairsoft. As, the one from airsoft parts doesnt look like it will fit on my kraken. Its a kings arms ak scope mount base, but it attaches weird.

Everything I need should come to just over $100. (25cm Barrel Attachment, Scope, Weaver Rings, AK Rail, + shipping.)
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