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Thank you for what i asked for.
now everyone else telling me about what is legal in canada i know all that through extencive research so u just wasted ur time telling me about it
lol yeah sorry to hijack it a bit (its and old and worn out topic to be sure). Keep in mind that the Newb tank is pretty much here for exactly that reason though- to rehash old topics that the experienced airsoft players dont want to see anywhere else anymore My advice is to never put the words 'Canada Legal' into any thread if you dont want to see the back and forth about what is legal and what is not.

Most of my guns have been Jing Gong and there have been little complaints from me (the only major one being a defect in the G3 mag springs where the metal is brittle). In fact the majority of guns used at our field now are JG and G&G and the G&G still seem to have more NIB errors and breakdowns than the JG clones do.

Seeing what Karnage at VA has done really got me stoked as for the longest time people were against the brittle plastic that came with clear guns- now with those sturdy lowers I cant see any reason why I wouldnt be looking at his line of JG M4s. I just wish there were more variants available but I can see how funding G3s or even MP5 lowers would be pretty costly and not as marketable as the M4s

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