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OK I'm tired of reading this crap.

Anything ...any device made to resemble a firearm with NEAR precision.

That means it's 1:1 scale and close in appearance is deemed by the CBSA as a replica firearm.

CBSA doesn't care if it was designed as a signal gun/flare gun/airsoft gun/pellet gun

If it looks like a real gun its a replica.

The only reason why Tokyo Marui is mentioned is because at the time Tokyo Marui guns were pretty much the only guns being imported since nobody else was making anything worth importing.

Anyways now to get back on topic.

Do a readup or Google about Jing Gong AEGs nothing but stellar good reports about their products. Now Karnage has broken his piggy bank to get these custom made guns with these awesome polycarbonate lower receivers for us all.

The bodies aren't weak like G&G, I've seen G&Gs that crack near where the body pins go in.
Hell some of these new VA rifles weigh the same if not more than the G&Gs, these things are rugged just like the black JG rifles are.

For starters, this is the best M4 you can buy, for an MP5 get a G&G, AK a Kraken wouldn't hurt.
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