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plus those Velocity Arms lowers look to be darn near unbreakable

Brain- I can see your point for sure (like I said I have my own black plastic). I dont think we'll ever make any progress towards a middle ground by splitting hairs since like you say it really only comes into play when one of the guys selling the black plastic gets raided and goes to court or an idiot uses his guns in a public location.

Still for people in the Newb Tank to blindly declare that black plastic airsoft guns are just as legal as the clear ones sure doesnt seem to be helping to educate players as to the exact problems with our sport and 'replicas'. The RCMP has in fact determined that all TM guns are prohibited weapons as they are replicas for example- it is not the just CBSA importation laws.

Like Saint I think that giving the retailers who try to make airsoft a viable business and a growing sport props by legally importing guns is a good thing.

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