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WE M16A3 w/Nato steel outer barrel

Hi guys, yesterday I received this brand new WE M16A3 with the optionnal NATO engraved front steel outer barrel. I won't go into much details since it is basicaly a M4A1 with a different stock and a longer front end.

The gun comes actualy dripped in silicone oil (I guess), there is so much of it on it that it looks like there was an explosion of a silicone oil bottle near it. Even the one propane magazine that come with it is soaked in oil. I don't know why, since it's a painted aluminium receiver, it does not need protection againt's oxygene.

The gun is very heavy, 3.7gk, most of it being in the front, where the steel is use. It come with one propane magazine, even if it's a Co2 version. The painted on the lower receiver is not very good and is uneven (once you remove the oil of it), exactly like my last WE M4A1 V2. The paint on the upper receiver is better, but has little scratchs here and there. The paint on the stock is not even at all and there are some weird feeling on the surface. The front assembly is perfect, with the front outer barrel being threaded and is in one piece. The gun also comes with the WE wrench, wich is a cool addition.

The firing and functions are the same as my old WE M4A1. The magazine doesn't leak. Chrono is 554fps with 0.2g.

Appearance = 3.5/5
Toughness = 5/5
Function = 5/5

YouTube - MVI 0709

In the video, the magazine is emtpy and I had some difficulties placing the mag on empty firing mode.

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