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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Don't forget the CTW!!! Queuing McGuyver
The CTW is a dog. Tackleberry has one for a review, but his initial impressions are GAAACK!!

I think I can confidently say that I've repaired/modified more PTWs than anyone in Canada by a country mile. Most of the ones that have crossed my bench had motor problems. These were fixable in about 90% of cases, and the other 10% had new armatures sent by Systema at no cost. Then some of rest had all manner of failure, and in nearly all cases, they were poorly assembled kit guns, or had previous work done of poor (or WTF) quality. The remainder were all upgrades from 2007 to 2008 electronics or modified hop-ups. It was rare that a repair cost exceeded $150 in labour, and most often was between $50-$100.

There is very little repair to the mechanics of the gun, there is no gearbox in any AEG by any manufacturer that is as simple or as tough. Any failures are going to be electronics or motor, rarely anything else and not worth being worried over.

Are they worth $1500 USD? Hell yes. Are they better than a GBBR? They are different, but they don't suffer the main weaknesses of a GBBR. PTWs don't require gas, or seal maintenance or suffer shock-induced component failure.

MY CQB-R had about 70K rounds (mostly M130 and the rest M150), no failures, nothing in 3 years use.

I had one recently cross my bench that came from out east, it was a Gen 3 (not a MAX), and it was poorly assembled. Funny, it came from a bunch who swore up and down they were crappy guns, and their Maruis were better. I had to tighen up everything, missing screws, overlubed, airseal leak from loose barrel and cut and threaded outer barrel. Sometimes I shake my head.
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