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Originally Posted by wind953 View Post
This is obviously a dumb question...but at least I'm in the right place to post

Why are Systema PTWs so freaking expensive? I scanned through the general specs of some of their guns on RedWolf and they don't look much different from other good quality AEGs.

The words "professional training weapons" should be informative about their quality and realism, but are they really the best of the best airsoft rifles? How so?

The reason is mainly because of their brand name [Systema] and it being a radically different design than the Tokyo Marui.
Its speculated that a manufacturing cost of a PTW is close to a hundred dollars. Some steel gears, monkey metal body, electric components not much more sophisticated than your $10 optical mouse...

The brand name and the exclusivity of the PTW is the only reason systema can command such a high price on these guns. And why not? As you can see there are plenty of people willing pick one up. Even with canada's price mark up.

As far as the exclusivity thing goes, its something that a GBB rifle can also provide. Which is why the PTWs are losing popularity these days.
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