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(Safx...if you think this is too long f*ck off...nicely )

I fielded my '08 PTW at the last FTF game (Battle of the 30). It rained straight through the morning. For our first ambush position we were just hunkered down getting soaked.

My PTW was not chapsticked, taped, sealed with waterproofing spray, etc... Just "normal". It was soaked (just like leaving your rifle out in the rain kind of soaked...and I was nervous about it).

Not kidding anyone...I was shitting bricks everytime I brought it up and pulled the trigger. I was dreading getting a "dead pull"...and slogging back to the car for my AEG.

But that didn't happen. It shot every time. It shot well.

For some weird reason at one point in the day it only shot full auto (regardless of setting it to semi or full) came back and then went again. That said, with the trigger control was no issue ripping off 2-3 rnd bursts.

When I got home I actually left it packed away in a case for a week...oops. When I went to check on shot fine, both semi and full. A little rusty here and there, but ok. At least the battery wasnt' plugged in.

So maybe it's just a lucky one...maybe not.

(Safx...if you made it this far...go back up and read the first line...HAHAHAHA)
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