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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
You realized only a minority of PTW owners have problems, especially compared to CA/JG/STAR owners...

What gives a bad impression is the shit storm that follows a down PTW.

It's like a Civic that brakes down, theirs a lot, not much attention, but when a Ferrari breaks done it makes the news and every forum... I bet theirs a LOT more broken civics that Ferrari's also...

That would be true if I was in
a specific camp. I hate AEGs
just as much as PTWs. Their
both equally flawed, just one
is a suped version with better
features. I like realism so I'm
hoping the GBBR is the way of
the future.

I'm not looking for dirton them,
it finds me. The guys I know are
always talking about the problems,
mods needed and replacement
costs. For the rediculous price on
them I could have a gold plated
AK47... Mmmm

I remember seeing Illusion's
thread on removing the barrel
nut with an armorer's wrench—
you'd think Systema would've
made the receiver from CNC'd
alu/steel instead of cast metal
that can't take the pressure.
They charge a lot of cash for
those crappy receivers.

PS Ronan: you do realize that
when a CA/TM/G&P needs a
part is costs next to nothing.
And a Ferrari is a status symbol,
is that what you think a PTW is?
Retired Freedom 35

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