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you persist in mixing CBSA regulations with the criminal code

I agree you can't buy a replica legally but I can buy all the imitation firearms I want ..

You or me or anyone is not qualified to define what is or is not a replica firearm.. that is a point of FACT to be TESTED in court

ALL airsoft guns clear or otherwise are imitation firearms .. SOME airsoft guns have been found to be Replicas by the court.. However the Court has NOT defined airsoft guns as replicas..

CBSA however HAS taken the position that all airsoft guns ARE replicas but then the ones with clear receivers have been recognized as NOT meeting the test of a replica in most cases... but they could change their mind any time they want to.

I own quite a number of airsoft guns.. NONE of then are Replicas .. all of them are Imitation firearms clearly because I purchased them all legally ..

Regardless Possession of Replica firearms is 100% legal regardless of when or how you cane into possession of them.. Its not illegal for me to have them even if they are replicas.. If they are .. it is illegal for me to sell them or you to buy them.. though the current enforcement regime ignores transactions between individuals unless there are other offences involved.

As Saint says the clear receivers is all about import and sales .. it has nothing to do with the legality of posession

Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
its straight form section 3 Brian lol- just like last time

lol and we've covered this before Brian- the law currently lists ALL TM guns and guns of TM clones as replica standard for example. So the law is clear and if you recall in a thread last year I posted it with all the links and proved it and you had to grudgingly admit that the law was clear but enforcement was not (simply put you wont get arrested for simply owning one even though legally you may not own one). Shortly thereafter you were on that TV program if you recall- if not its all the same as this old argument prolly wont ever die lol.

I respect you and what you have done so dont take my 'opinion' for more than it is... (we disagree) but the fact is that so long as people on ASC keep putting myths like this forward about replica status airsoft guns being legal to own we can expect a lot of 'grey area' talk.

It does a disservice to the merchants who are operating legally here on ASC (you know, legally, like as in say a business license for a start lol). Personally I dont mind access to the black guns (I have my own 'illegal' airsoft guns as well as my Cansoft legal ones) but I draw the line when I see people who are smuggling black guns in to Canada dump on the guys who import them legally and claim that their guns are imported just as legally. We all know thats a big lie as there is no way to do so with most of the black receiver guns currently posted here on ASC.

My point is that the clear receivers are in fact legal and non-clear ones are clearly listed as not- people can 'logic' it however they want and avoid reading the posted laws but for the ASC community to allow people to keep these myths going is not really doing the sport a favour.
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