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Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
lol you seem to post that a lot but again, technically no*- any gun that is TM for example (or is close enough to real looking to be a replica) is listed as a prohibited weapon (unless you owned it at the time the law changed).

Wrong, the law says "may" be a replica .. until a court judges it so it's not a replica.

Regardless .. even if they are replicas.. its still legal to posses

"Canadian Legal" is nothing more than a marketing ploy

Importers , to import any commerically viable volume must be able to get their wares past CBSA .. currently the only slick way to do that is to have the restricted parts clear so that they are not likely to be considered replicas by CBSA .. which has a looser definition of what is or is not a replica than the Criminal code does.

Now they have to be able to sell these wares in a market where Full metal so called "black guns" do exist and can be purchased.

They do this by touting them as "Canadian Legal" and playing off the general ignorance of the law ( or flawed interpritations of that law) that exists within the airsoft market. ( and are often perpetuated by people who rely on hearsay to get their legal advice )

Notwithstanding... plenty of clear receiver guns are of good quality and very reliable.. and a very good starting point for a first purchase.. in use .. on the field .. no one can tell if they are shot with a full metal $2000 gun or a $350 "canadian legal" clear receiver gun.
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