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Originally Posted by notom View Post
Does anyone know if Greg has logged onto the forum since ILLusion posted? Has he tried to contact the admins or mods, or any members for that matter?
He has spoken to me. There are reasons why he has not posted publicly about this, which I am backing.

The original post of this thread was made to three relevant areas of this forum, to ensure that everybody who is currently a customer on an on-going order, or was considering becoming a customer was fully aware of what they were getting them self in to, and so that they were to understand what was going to happen.

There's no point in forcing things on him yet. The terms of his 30 day deadline have already been set. It's quite simple. No need to complicate things more. He doesn't need to make a public statement, but if he does, that's his call. He's fully aware of everything.

Let this play out.
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