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Originally Posted by billli View Post

Does anyone actually carry/bring/use Saw's and LMGs in airsoft? (I can't imagine the number of BBs that they will use) But then... ->

(How much would an all metal LMGs cost from the classifieds? yes yes I know i'm not AVed)

And I was wondering:

1. Has anyone played a night airsoft game? if so, how do you see the opponents? and (I know this is on the forums, and I have read it.. well sort of) does equipments like lasers, IR lasers, NVG, and trackers help much?
or should airsoft be played during the day?

2. CQB vs UO, which is funner? and more common, personally, I I think I would prefer indoor CQBs. But I don't know if there are any facilities in my little "city"

Yes plenty of people run SAWs .. they are costly to build and maintain but those who like them like a lot of them.. not where you should start off though

Night games are great, One of the craptastic parts of AS games in the field are that the effective range of AS guns is so short that you can not actualy get a very realistic simulation of combat.. people can pretty much stand in the open and ignore you as long as they stay out of range ...

At night due to the poor night vision that humans have the engagement ranges shrink to be more likley to be within the effective range of the weapons.. this creates a more realistic combat simulation, and more intense experience. NV is obviously useful but out of the question for most players, stealth and careful action rule the night.

CQB vs Field .. people drop down on both sides of that..

in my opinion CQB is a more intense experience and a good combat simulation as all action takes place within the effective range of the weapons in use.
Mistakes result in being hit.

Field play.. is less satisfying to me due to the fact that people hide behind bushes... and conduct themselves in ways that would be pretty much instantly lethal in a real combat situation. Its a poor simulation and so a less effective training tool
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