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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
If you're like most people, a $350-500 gun is great for starting out.
If you have the green then a $2500 PTW is in your range if you so choose.
Greens is definitely no problem. But from the post below, it seems that a PTW has "tons" of electronic gears, which seems to be a bit hard to replace. And I have no idea what kind of conditions/environments/treatments the gun is going to get, So I think I will just stick with a CA/TM and then upgrade the internals.

I'm going to go to an event tonight and see what kind of guns/equipments other people are going to bring. I guess it would look a bit weird if I came with enough guns and ammos to start a small army.

Originally Posted by Danneichh View Post
Not really, a lot of stuff people get end up being shipped through the mail. I don't know of any stores that sell BB's in the K/W area, but if your able to make a bit of a drive, Army Issue in Mississauga sells them, along with a fair amount of gear, including boots and goggles. He's right on lakeshore, pretty much the corner of Lakeshore and Hwy. 10/Hurontario/Main St.
Hmm... That's sorta expected, seeing how this is a small "city." As to BB's I think I'm going to buy a box of the premium BB's and then won't have to worry about it.

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Still have questions, eh? LOL

When they're working...PTW's are a dream to shoot. But their Achillies' heel is their reliance on 3 electronic boards. If any one of those boards blow (under/over current, moisture, whatever)'re in for some pricey replacements. I've had very good luck with motors...but other haven't...and they're expensive too. But when they'll won't want any other electric airsoft gun. When they want to chuck it against a tree.

SAW's, LMG's and gas blow back rifles too....

Have fun! (waiting to for the AV to kick in sucks doesn't it? )

Does anyone actually carry/bring/use Saw's and LMGs in airsoft? (I can't imagine the number of BBs that they will use) But then... ->

(How much would an all metal LMGs cost from the classifieds? yes yes I know i'm not AVed)

Waiting for AV sure sucks. But then again, I'm in a smaller city, so can't complain much. Can I eh?

I've pretty much seen all the's video reviews. and a couple of youtube videos.

And I was wondering:

1. Has anyone played a night airsoft game? if so, how do you see the opponents? and (I know this is on the forums, and I have read it.. well sort of) does equipments like lasers, IR lasers, NVG, and trackers help much?
or should airsoft be played during the day?

2. CQB vs UO, which is funner? and more common, personally, I I think I would prefer indoor CQBs. But I don't know if there are any facilities in my little "city"

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