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NOTE: Coach's approach works best for him. He plays a lot and maintains his stuff. He knows how to take all his stuff apart and troubleshoot it. He's handy with regular maintenance.

My approach is a bit different than his, but accomplishes the same effect. I shoot my pistols very for me I don't bother keeping track if they're stored with or without gas. I lube the entire tank of propane with a gizmo so I don't worry about when to lube mags and how much is getting blown into the pistol. I've got one can of propane that's for grenade's (heavier wt oil) and one for GBB's (lighter wt oil). I'm also tearing my stuff apart trying things out frequently enough that they never really accumulate grit/grime. I don't hesitate to use grenade oil in a GBB if it happens to be the one closer at hand.

The point being...keep the objectives in mind and think about what you're doing. General guidelines are out there for "the masses"...they tend to be "safer" and more "moderate". They have to be since there's a lot of dummies out there. Guys who don't think past, "I just spray this stuff down the barrel 'cause someone told me to...and then I'm done", tend to do things half assed.
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