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haha, I should change that pic. Thats from a funny article in the Toronto Sun, saying that the kid is playing "airsoft". No hes not. Damn crappy clearsoft.

Im 18 by the way.

Seems like I will need:

Russian Style Side Mount for Scopes:

Plus a silencer/barrel extension.

I've been looking at cheap rimfire scopes for $20 that have a dovetail attachment. Now if I can find a set of scope rings that will fit one of those scopes (Like this one, I believe as its 1 inch:,

OR a cheap scope with a 20mm weaver attachment, I would be set.
Currently modding AK.

Loadout 1:
Yugoslavian M76/Maadi RML Alternative (Kraken)
CYMA Glock 18C

Loadout 2:
TM MP5 w/ flashlight
CYMA Glock 18C

Both Loadouts have Marpat Uniform, PASGT Helmet w/ Flecktarn, and Flecktarn chest rig.

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