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U.S. Citizen and importation info

Howdy all,

As a U.S. citizen living in Canada, do I need to declare gear or airsoft parts when I enter Canada? I understand that Canadian citizens are required to declare items that they have purchased in the States and pay an import tax or duty on those items. Does this also extend to U.S. citizens? As a student, I rolled across the border with my entire life packed into my vehicle (computer, kitchen stuff, clothes, etc) and I was not required to pay any sort of duty or tax on bringing those items across the border. If I am not intending to sell any of the items that I am bringing across to Canadian citizens, and will bring those same items back with me when I leave Canada, am I still required to both declare these items and pay an import tax?

To be clear, I am talking about bringing over magazines, batteries, goggles, gloves, etc. Basically my airsoft gear that I already own, but need in order to play here in Canada.

If this is posted in the wrong place I apologize and mods can feel free to move the topic to a place of their choice.
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