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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
Hey folks, just an Edmonton student here, joined up in order to find some info on how to get a decent airsoft for what seems to be referred to as "backyard plinking".
Well we generally frown upon getting an airsoft gun for specifically backyard plinking since the effective ranges and accuracy is nothing compared to a .177 pellet gun. However that shouldn't really be a problem if you understand that important fact. So knowing that do you want a pellet gun (.177) or an airsoft gun? If you're on a tight budget (I know how it is being a student) a Kraken airsoft gun should satisfy you for backyard plinking (a bit of work and a few upgrades later it'll be fieldable however stock on the field don't expect much, it's like a civic vs an accord vs a supra, one you can use as a daily driver (and could be a decent track car if you do some work), the other stock it's ready for some track/weekend warrior stuff, and the last is pretty much made for the track). Otherwise if you want a .177 either pick one up at Canadian Tire for like $150 or head over to

Originally Posted by The Rip View Post
My name is Rip. I am 27 and just getting into Airsoft in Canada. I used to live in Taiwan and didn't play there, but checked out the equipment and so on. Owned a few cheap hand guns for fun.

I live in Calgary and am under the same alias on JOC. I would really like to get age verified cause I will need to pick up a used rifle for use until next spring.

I like the look of the TM 1911's.
You'll get a lot better help if you ask on JOC. I know that there are games on Wednesday and Sunday at TREK and usually an admin there to AV you. Again welcome and don't expect airsoft to be like in Taiwan. For $400 you're going to get a moderate level gun (that will last you forever until you feel the need to expand your collection).
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