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In my opinion, the e vents is better for airsoft. They fit a lot closer to your face and you have a wider field of vision.

The JT proflexes are also really nice for airsoft as well. The face protection is removable and soft enough to bend it upwards, so you can more easily look down your iron sights (that's if you plan on getting an AEG in the future). The holes on the mesh are quite big - bbs can barely pass through it, but they are slightly cheaper than both the events and profiler.

The Dye I4s are also real nice for airsoft. They are on the pricey side, but they are the lowest profile mask on the market. The mesh protection around the jawline and chin is quite soft and narrow, which makes it easy for you to look down your iron sights. The lenses are HUGE, giving you a great field of vision.
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