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Empire E-Vent vs. V-Force Profiler

Is it worth spending more money for the V-Force Profiler mask as opposed to less for the Empire E-Vent mask? I've read tons of reviews and the general consensus seems to be that the Profiler is slightly better than the E-Vent because its better ventilated, I believe the Profiler covers slightly more skin on your face and when you talk with it on, less sound bounces back toward your ears. Other than that however, they seem to be equal is quality.

I'll be using this for CQB and my primary weapon is a pistol. I know there are some concerns among other airsofters that its hard to use your iron sights because the mask gets in the way, but since my primary weapon is a pistol I don't think that would be an issue. I also don't see myself playing outdoors for the next little while. With that being said, which mask is the better one? I can get a used Empire E-Vent for approximately $50-$70, but its usually a non-black or OD colour (eg. yellow, red, blue), although that isn't a big deal because I always have the option of painting it. Should I save up and get the $100-$110 V-Force Profiler instead? I would be buying it from the States (unless somebody here is willing to sell me one ), and I could choose from a variety of colours including a black/OD colour.

Any input or advice on these two masks to help me make up my mind would be appreciated!

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