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Originally Posted by safx View Post
To touch on what Saint brought up
earlier about A&A giving Raygis the
shaft on his group order—

This kind of thing seems to happen
more often all the time with retailers.
I've heard of a couple of cases where
someone is doing large orders and
when they run into an issue with the
CSBA or something else that stops
the toys from all making it, the then
trustworthy seller wants to fall off
the map and cut all ties. Would be
nice if ASC collected all the contact
info from a potential seller before
they become an authorized retailer
on ASC.

Can't do much about the guys off ASC
but we can try to do something about
the guys selling here, if it's not already
in place? Dragwindsor and couple guys
come to mind.

PS: I agree, A&A should own up
Well, the thing with A&A, is the Mark got the inventory in.. but decided to withhold it and sell it locally instead without refunding anything. After he "accidently" shipped me the wrong one, and then the one I ordered was magically no longer in stock, and after numerous delays of "Oh, I'll have it in a few weeks", updated inventory on his site saying it was in stock, then "Oh sorry, didn't get them in", it took me six fucking months to get a refund from him.

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