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Hello ASC, yet again.

I think, after much research, I have decided that, when age verified (=P) I will get a GBBR.The realism factor is too much to resist.
My choice is changing like a kid's in a candy store, but hopefully if you guys can inform me enough, I'll stick with this untill AV time.

Now, they seem to be quite expensive, and I am still a Uni student, so cheaper is better.

I have heard mixed things about the AGM. Is it a good first GBBR?

I am ok with getting one that will break 'eventually', as long as it is not proprietary, and I can replace the parts later.

It is better for me to get a cheap one and then upgrade gradually, as I do not have a great big chunk of money to spend.

So, what does everyone reccomend?

How much does the AGM M4 GBBR go for in Canada anyways?

Redwolf airsoft has it for $125 USD so I guess triple that?


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