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An idea. Sorta like an SVD meets PKM.

Hey guys. I have a pretty weird idea.

I like the design of the SVD/Dragunov, as its a beautiful sniper rifle. But unfortunately, I am not a "sniper" type of person.

Now with that said, I am also a fan of the PKM light machine gun. Its nice, but not my type of gun either but I'm into Assault Rifles, that have decent accuracy.

Now, heres where my idea comes into.

What if you were to make a cross breed. Like an SVD with a shorter barrel, bigger magezine, and full automatic capabilities. That'd strike my fancy.

I have a Aftermath Kraken which I like, but I feel that I could do so much more with it. (In terms of custom modifications.)

I was thinking of something like, an AK47 base, with a SVD Stock (or the default AK47 stock if I dont want to house a stick type battery inside the gun), with a barrel extension (Like silencer or something that screws on the end of the barrel to make it longer), with a box magezine. (Or a barrel magezine or the default magezine that a Ak47 uses.). I'd use keep the same foregrip thats on the Ak47. I like it much more than the long foregrip thats on the SVD.

How that sound? Probably sounds pretty ugly or useless.

In the end, imagine an Ak47 with or without a modified stock, longer barrel, and 4x scope.

Heres where my noobie questions come in.

1) Since the internals of the gun, would probably stay unmodified, is there any certain length of barrel extension that you guys suggest? (Like, after a certain length, does accuracy not increase anymore? Which means anymore than that length would be for looks only.)

2) Would 4x scope be reasonable for airsoft? 4x scopes are only like $15 on .

3) Theres a type of scope mount that comes from the side of the gun, rather than being attached to a rail. Whats that called, and where can I buy them?

Thanks guys.
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