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Has any one been AV'd in the past 2 months?

Okay, so I met up with Whisperkill sometime ago, at least a month, but closer to two, to get AV'd of course.

We chatted for a bit and he looked over my ID and everything was good.

In terms of the AV going through, it appears that I still am not. I've tried PM'ing him back in regards to it, but didn't get a response.

And I know that it can take some time and that people have lives of their own and are busy.

I figured waiting this long would warrant me asking about this. I would really like to start participating in the sport, but without being AV'd, that limits my purchase options.

If this is the wrong forum to post this, or if it really is "unnecessary," I'm sorry. I just feel I've waited long enough to ask.

Thanks for your help.
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