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What everyone needs to understand is that we didn't just up and decide we were going to go after PropsCan one day: a situation arose where information and supporting evidence was presented to us, including the fact that the current group order might be going bad (delays etc), and an opportunity presented itself where we had some leverage to try and get the retailer to make good on his order. Given the seller's past history, we felt it was necessary.

As for A&A, Dragwindsor, and whomever else... if you have information and something we can use as leverage to make them deliver the goods then by all means please contact the staff with it. Otherwise we don't know any more than you do, and you can actually do more than we can by contacting RECOL.

Many people have taken steps to at least try and get some kind of resolution in their case (and some have succeeded), but there are others who just sit back going "omg halp us!" that really need to get off their ass and do something for themselves.

A number of things have been and are still being discussed relating to group orders, including outright banning them or obligating retailers conducting them to at least offer the use of an escrow service for their clients. But honestly banning them doesn't do much to advance airsoft or help the community, and retailers could offer the use of an escrow without us having to shove it down people's throats (part of the problem is a bunch of people will want to save the $15-20 for the escrow service and not make use of it anyway, so we're back to square one).
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