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Originally Posted by Mynock View Post
Your post should say "prepare to get raped by the duties and taxes on SOME computer parts on eBay" , because the amount you paid had less to do with the fact that they were computer parts, and more to do with:

1) type of parts
2) where they were made (MOST IMPORTANT as this determines the rate of duty)
3) the value of the parts
4) whether package was declared as gift or not
5) whether both GST and PST were collected
6) whether you paid a CBSA processing fees

In other words, "computer parts" does not automatically mean huge customs fee as your comment misleadingly suggests. There are instances where computer parts incur no duty/tax at all.
Been taxed on...
computer screws (don't ask...)
Video Card
CPU (twice... again don't ask......)
keyboard wipes (yeah... beleive it)

Did not get tax on:
CPU heat sink

Edit: Oh and let me add iv had a handful of incidence where the 'duty' fee's were horribly close to the product price. The worst one so far is the $35 duty fee/taxes/scam on a $40 scanner + $10 shipping.
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