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P90's on Classified?

So I have just started University at Ryerson and am crazy busy at the moment.

I dont have the time to go to to a game for the next few months, unfortunately, so that means AVing is going to have to wait.


However, I have decided to pursue airsoft further, and to do this, I want a second, smaller AEG. I go with my buddy David alot, and it would help to have one we could each use.

I figure, as long as I will be buying a second one, I may as well get a good one.

Which made me think of P90s.

Great size, and I'm a sucker for bullpups. (Some of you may remember I just bought an AUG)

I gotta know though, so I don't get myself all excited for nothing:

Do they have any on the classifieds?

If so, what brand? Echo1, TM, what?

What sorta price range are we talking?

I have no idea of prices in the world of non-clearsoft, as I have only bought a JG before, as well as the TM AUG, but that was through a friend.


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