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The 1.5 wt is the lightest oil you can get. Apparently he needed to practically order an industrial barrel worth of it (and a barrel is more than enough for anyone in their lifetime). I know that to get this stuff the minimum orders are pretty crazy (like 1,000 T-shirts or 10,000 pens to get your logo on some swag except this is for industrial applications).

The 20 wt. is good but a lower weight oil is probably better. I use 10 wt. silicone oil in my GBB and that was from an RC hobby shop (the lightest RC shock oil that they offered).

Some people dump the mag when they're done (shoot until the gun can't shoot anymore making sure theres little to no gas left and use the dump button), some put enough for one or two shots and some keep it almost full. I personally keep enough for one or two shots and supposedly thats the best state to keep them in.
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