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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
What kalnaren means by being here for not that long dosen't necessarely means your join date, but your involvement. You maybe joined in 2007 but only have 200-something posts. He has over 3k. What I mean is that he actually answers over and over again the same questions.

It's like me, I maybe joined in 2005 but I'm still a newbie and just started to post and become active here.
I give out help when I can and generally someone else has answered their question by the time I get there. I also try not to participate in flame wars. otherwise I keep to myself most of the time which is why I have a fairly low post count.
also I did not mean posting a link to the FAQ but posting a link to a thread in the FAQ.

this thread seems to have run its course since we have gotten to talking about ordering anus burgers with extra pickle and sauce.
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