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Originally Posted by wind953 View Post

The classifieds sections seem to be places where age verified ASC users sell and buy their guns, but what's interesting is that their guns are TMs, WAs, Tanakas...anything nonclearsoft. Where did they get those to begin with?

Does age verification open you up to a secret Canadian airsoft retailer's market otherwise impossible to google up (or just extremely difficult)? If so, how come I don't see an "age verification required" Retailer's section?
Airsoft was not always the way it is as it is now, only a few years ago there existed many retailers that had the means to bring in virtually anything a person could want as long as they could afford it. Even today retailers exist that have the means to bring in non clear airsoft, their may not be as many as there were and they may not be as forth coming as to who they are but they do exist.

There are listings that are essentially invisible to unverified users, there is an age verified only retailer section. You should be able to see the thread, just not be able to view anything in the thread.

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