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Classifieds section vs Retailers section vs age verification

I am a relatively new member to this forum and definitely new to airsoft.

Before I stumbled upon this site, I was hopelessly looking for non-clearsoft (and I am not just talking about Canadian Tire.....clear frame KJW gas guns from Canadian retailers like 007Airsoft or VelocityArms or whatever is just as retarded...regardless of opinion anyway) retailers in Canada.

This site has a retailer section full of the type of stores mentioned above, whose access does not require age verification. That being said, that section seems useless to me unless I am looking for parts and accessories.

I am meeting with a rep and getting my age verified soon. My question is this...

The classifieds sections seem to be places where age verified ASC users sell and buy their guns, but what's interesting is that their guns are TMs, WAs, Tanakas...anything nonclearsoft. Where did they get those to begin with?

Does age verification open you up to a secret Canadian airsoft retailer's market otherwise impossible to google up (or just extremely difficult)? If so, how come I don't see an "age verification required" Retailer's section?

I guess I will get answers when I get my age verified, but this has been bothering me for a long time, so some answers will be appreciated! Thanks a bunch!
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