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Few Questions about GBB's

hi, my friend recently bought a KJW M92F, and before it arrives, we were wondering what special care does a GBB need. I'd like to get a confirmation of some things.

First, he bought a Madbull propane Adapter with silicone reservoir, he bought this oil : Silicone Oil 100% To put in the adapter reservoir. Good or not?

Also, we have read about KJW's mags leaking, is it hard to fix a leak?

And, to store the gun, is it true we have to leave a bit of propane in it to keep the seals lubed with the silicone in the mix?

also, what is the minimal temperature outside for shooting a GBB?

Finally, any special care he need to do to the gun before shooting and before storing?

Have a nice day all
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