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Originally Posted by mousqueterre View Post
kullwarrior when you can make airsoft rifle better of all market rifle come and talk me )))))))))))) And in canada you can buy ar-15 whit retricted title when im need one im buy one ))))

Donster-- Market study... And im try speak english for learn. And forum defenition is for trade ideas not for attack poeple for nothing. Any way im work outside Quebec sometime and im not surprise now! And remember in Canada have 2 official language make same me and learn........

Je vais le dire en Francais les vrais armes a feu et le airsoft sa ne se mélange pas ensemble ce n est pas pareil!!! C est possible de modifier un aeg pour qu il tire tres fort et une carabine a plombs aussi mais cela restera toujours a milles lieux d une arme a feu. Peut etre je n ais pas bien compris le sujet bon
c est tres grave ? Et j ai des convictions forte et apres ?
Sorry I can't understand what you said, and sorry I don't know french (I'll be taking it during my Spring in Intro french)

Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Haven't you heard, they are trying to ban cars also
Hey, at least their voice is quieter than the ass ranting Wendy Cukier, I can't believe shes a prof, the good thing, she's in Psychology, she believes you can't trust anyone, but somehow you can trust the almighty gov't. My parents move from Taiwan to Canada, one of their reasons, Greater Freedom, and a government that actually try to serve people, not the kind that hoard as much money as possible only to be exlile away and live happily ever after
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