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look, we take smuggling very seriously around here. please...


Here is how you can get airsoft guns:

1) If you are 18, get age verified, and either buy from the classifieds, or get a retailer to custom order something for you

2) If you are not 18, do a lot of reading, researching and saving money. Refer back to number 1 when you turn 18.

We all collectively work hard to make the community and system what it is today (some more than others obviously), so we will not give info to people on how to bypass said system

To answer YOUR question. Airsoft cannot be legally imported into canada unless it is a Cansoft gun or unless you have the proper licenses to import replicas (dont ever ask how to get one. simple answer is, YOU CANT). Breaking a gun down, is bad, if you get caught, you're fucked. whether a gun is broken down or not, its still smuggling.

stop trying to beat the system. if you openly admit to trying, you will be met with severe flaming. If you do smuggle something in and admit it to everyone, chances are you wont be allowed at any games. if you are currently a minor, you still cant be allowed at any games, so why even get airsoft anyway? stick to paintball.
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