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Originally Posted by Bissa View Post
yes, but one of the rules in here is no "read the FAQ" if you want to say that, post a link to the closest relevant thread.
Which 99% of people do.

Look, you haven't been around that long, so you probably have no idea how bloody annoying it is to repeat the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

If you notice too, many of the "Read the FAQ" responses come after someone has given a valid answer and the OP refuses to read it, ignores it, or whatever. They're also common responses to badly worded or badely written questions. If someone doesn't take the time to write a good question (Ie, legible, makes sense, etc) then why should we take the time to answer it?

Furthermore, there are certain threads in the FAQ which contain far more information than what we could easily write in here. For example, some of the Newbie guides. I'm not going to repeat 3 pages of information twice a day to newbies.. but sure I'll link them to the thread.

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