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Bump, and:

Okay I'm going to eat my words. After looking at the VK416, it looks like I'm going to need a metal lower as the VA one replaces it with their own logo. I want the full HK trades, whether the lower is plastic or whatever isn't a problem. But obviously only the full metal ones seem to have them.

My question is: is it hard to get a full metal lower in Canada? I've seen the HurricanE HK416 mod kit with the HK416 lower, but that costs $600 and I don't need the full lower if I'm going with this gun.
Then there's the lower itself but it looks like it says HKM4D? It's okay if I have no other choice.
Then I've read threads about the aforementioned DBoys one, but the quality issue makes me =S about it.
So what else do I have in terms of options for a metal lower?

And is it even possible to GET metal lowers into Canada? I mean, obviously not myself, I'd have to do it through retailers, but are they willing to bring them in?

I also saw a listing for a VFC HK416, would that be a better choice than this? (Keeping in mind cost and all..., the listing I saw has reinforced gears, new rubber hop-up, gone through 8K rounds, and was not fielded; its apparently the HK416 Super DX...haven't yet found a site that lists contents of stock box).

THANKS a lot for taking the time!
That VFC DX should run you clost to $900-ish...JG 416s are very common, there's usually one for sale in the classifieds. Metal lower receivers you can get in Canada but through a custom order only by one of the retailers. There's a guy selling the Gen. 2 JG416 which already comes with a metal receiver and MOSFET. If you're willing to spend the cash, get the VFC and have it checked by a local gun doc. VFC is pretty much the high end for 416s besides custom built ones.
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