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I have a FA carrier for my Bushy, it came with the gun. That in itself is not the problem. The problem for the AR would arise from the FA lower parts, like the sear and disconnector and their springs, as well as the 3-burst wheel.

At issue would be the morphing of the GBBR into something capable of discharging a round. The SCAR is not a problem, the real one is prohibited in Canada, and so are it's proprietary parts. But the AR is not, there's lots of them out there and even more parts.

The TAVOR is made as a semi-auto only gun, it would take a complete refit to make it FA, it is not a converted-auto.

The RCMP argues that the Type-97 and VZ-58 (the ones with the new receiver) are converted autos, hence their prohibition.

But that is not the point. My point is how hard is it to do? Do I need to get myself a GBBR to see? Does anyone want to know the results, or would it upset too many apple carts?
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