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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
If it is possible to install any real parts into an airsoft gun to make it fire, then said airsoft gun would be prohibited. Replica status doesn't apply in that case. If I can take a lower parts kit (not controlled), install it in a GBBR lower, install a real carrier group (even with minor mods), and a real upper, that base GBBR would be prohibited and would be a huge problem for anyone who owns one. This was my question, which nobody on here is able (or willing) to answer. None of the parts I list is controlled, so getting them is easy as pie. If I had a GBBR in my hands, I could tell you within a matter of minutes if it's possible. If it is, look out, legal troubles will abound.

You are wrong. Any gun designed to be full auto is prohibited in Canada, converted auto is a class of prohibited all it's own. The gun must be designed and constructed to be semi-auto only, no "factory conversions" are allowed. This is the problem right now with VZ-58 and Type-97 classification in Canada.
That brings to the question, why didn't the Japanese Poliice official didn't ban the WA design? the capassida (spelling) by tanaka was full plastic, there's a video of a guy using it with the cylinder open and his finger on where the pin will strike the gas release, it didn't even left a mark on his finger yet the police ban it because they thought it could become a disposable and suicidal for the user pistol.
Mac, I thought the Canadian version of the TAR-21 is the same, internal of a FA. And don't forget Norinco is on the same page, they have the full auto carrier. And honestly, we could argue for days, I have a GBBR, I don't plan on getting an AR-15 since I don't really like the restricted status of it as well as the expensive .223 bullets due to the obamanation in the south and the War in Middle East. perhaps I'll get one when the prices of the bullets go down, the ar-15 become derestricted (lol when pigs fly, Wendy Cukier would probably say lets put anything which is a semi auto into restricted), or when I got my masters and a job. (lol talk about 10 years from now)

Originally Posted by mousqueterre View Post
Airsoft guns into real guns is impossible is not same world !!!!!!!! Stop mix real gun whit airsoft. Maybe paintball gun can but the modification is too big for not professional guy and not any professional............... If that possible all army use aeg , no heat, no sound , no smoke , and price for munition minus 90%.
says a guy who's probably not 18, you don't have Av'ed you don't own a GBBR nor a AR-15 (if you do, allow me to report you to the nearest law enforcement as it is a restricted rifle)
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