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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
I know the WA style receiver WILL not accept an ar-15 bolt carrier because it is shorter by a few mm
I'm not sure the firing group would work, then the bolt catch assembly is different. Magna hammer strike the lower portion of the bolt catch group which sends a pin forward to hit the gas release. Basically if you want to convert it into a firearms, you're gonna have to:
a) get a prime receiver (which is alot more expensive then AR-15 receiver in Canada (without import fee)
b) get the bolt catch group converted, this is gonna be hard since there's more cutouts in magna system towards the magazine area
c) some how get the firing group in
d) install ar-15 upper.
If it is possible to install any real parts into an airsoft gun to make it fire, then said airsoft gun would be prohibited. Replica status doesn't apply in that case. If I can take a lower parts kit (not controlled), install it in a GBBR lower, install a real carrier group (even with minor mods), and a real upper, that base GBBR would be prohibited and would be a huge problem for anyone who owns one. This was my question, which nobody on here is able (or willing) to answer. None of the parts I list is controlled, so getting them is easy as pie. If I had a GBBR in my hands, I could tell you within a matter of minutes if it's possible. If it is, look out, legal troubles will abound.

Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Honestly, if I really want to get an m4 cheap.... I'll just get the norinco CQ556 and mod it from there since it was originally full auto being factory convert into semi (In the Firearms Act, a converted auto which is prohibited is a firearms originally capable of firing automatic convert into semi auto only by a third party, if it was original factory conversion then it is just a semi auto AFAIK)
You are wrong. Any gun designed to be full auto is prohibited in Canada, converted auto is a class of prohibited all it's own. The gun must be designed and constructed to be semi-auto only, no "factory conversions" are allowed. This is the problem right now with VZ-58 and Type-97 classification in Canada.
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